uGot Talent


–          The most watched video in August


–          Prizes will be Rs. 2,500 for Pakistan and for those participating from USA, Canada and Europe the prize will US$25 Amazon gift card


–          Participants must be 18 or older.

–          Video should between 1 min and max 5 min in length

–          Comedy skids, tricks, acrobatics, songs or anything that shows the unique talent of the contestant


–          Participants should send their video link along with user name and password to download the file. Link to the video can be emailed to info[at]getPakistan.tv or upload your video to idrive.com and send us information to access it i.e. username and password.

–          Please also include your contact details like name, address, phone number and a head shot picture (optional) to the email.

–          Company has the right to disclose the winner of the contest without any obligation to provide information to the contestants.

Point Scoring:

–          One point will be awarded for each page view of the participating videos. Page views will be calculated by getPakistan.tv and will be considered final without any appeal to challenge the count.

–          Once your post is published we will provide you the link to promote it to get page views and votes. But we will deduct all those votes that come from a single IP address. Abuse of voting can result in your disqualification from the contest. So please try to get genuine votes from people that like your talent.