Jan 3: Gaza cartoon: The story of life under a blockade

Businesses in the Gaza Strip have long been struggling under an Israeli blockade. Many are barely able to keep their operations afloat – with some forced to close due to lack of supplies and other difficulties. Now, a new cartoon by an [...]

Dec 18: Turkey plays major role against US Jerusalem move

The outrage over the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital shows no sign of abating. US President Donald Trump’s announcement continues to anger people far beyond the borders of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. [...]

Dec 9: Palestine marks ‘day of rage’ with deadly protests

Palestinian leaders who had called for a ‘day of rage’ saw thousands marching in Gaza. Some casualties and injuries were reported as a result of these marches. Copyright Disclaimer: Embed picked from youtube.com official channel [...]

Is the two-state solution dead? After US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

In this week’s UpFront, we speak with the head of the Palestinian General Delegation to the U.S., Husam Zomlot, about US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem announcement, and its impact on the Palestinian Authority’s ties with the US. Copyright [...]

Dec 6: Zara Hut Kay – Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Zarrar, Mubashir Zaidi and Wusatullah Khan talk about US President Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. Copyright Disclaimer: This video embed is sourced from Dailymotion Official page of the content producer. For any copyright [...]

Dec 2: Palestinian Chief Warns: US ‘playing with fire’

Detailed analysis: Palestinian leaders warn US President Trump that changing status of Jerusalem is like playing with fire. Copyright Disclaimer: Embed picked from youtube.com official channel of the producers. All copyright belongs to the [...]