Turkey withdraws troops from Norway after Erdogan is listed as ‘enemy’ during NATO drills

Turkey is pulling its troops out of a NATO exercise after President Erdogan says he was branded an enemy in the alliance’s internal messaging network. Norway’s defence minister has already apologised for the gaffe – which [...]

Turkish President Erdogan falls asleep during a press conference

Turkish President Erdogan finds it hard to remain awake during a joint press conference with Ukraine President Proshenko. Copyright Disclaimer: Embed picked from youtube.com official channel of the producers. All copyright belongs to the producers [...]

Aug 11: Breaking views with Malick – comparison of Nawaz Sharif and Erdogan

Mohammad Malick talks about Nawaz Sharif GT Road rally and its comparison with Erdogan rally during a military coup. Copyright Disclaimer: This video embed is sourced from Dailymotion Official page of the content producer. For any copyright [...]