Exclusive: Bilawal Presser – acceptance of failure by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Bilawal B Zardari press conference was nothing but acceptance of failure. The key message of the press conference was that there is politics of victimization; judiciary has failed to be a neutral arbiter and has not delivered justice; the military has encroached on the space of every segment of the state especially politics, and ehtisab is partial. If all this is true then Bilawal is agreeing with us that the current republic has failed and we need the second republic. But I doubt if he realizes what he implied in his press conference.

Why have we arrived at this state? It is because PPP has adopted failed politics and made terrible mistakes in the process. Zardari sb may be a shrewd politician but he does not have the political skill or vision of Benazir. Following are few of those wrong political decisions made by Bilawal, President Zardari, and their party:

  • I have been demanding for a long time that NAB should be disbanded because it is nothing but a political tool. Even Benazir Bhutto wanted it disbanded. But no such steps were taken by Zardari sb and Bilawal. Not only that we have learned that the current Chairman of NAB was recommended by Malik Riaz of Bahria Town and partner of Mr. Zardari. The person they selected knows very well where power resides and has served them well. When this person was recommended I informed top leaders of PPP that they will live to regret it and informed them that it is a wrong choice. If they deny this then I can share the copy of the message I sent them.
  • I have always demanded that accountability should be of everyone that holds a public office whether it is a politician, judge, bureaucrat, or a general. While discussing new accountability law, PPP Senator Farhat Ullah Babar, as the member of the parliamentary committee, had strongly suggested that not just politician but every public office holder including judges and generals should be held accountable. But his own party including Bilawal did not support that position and Senator Babar had to leave the committee. Today Bilawal is lamenting accountability is selective.
  • When the Supreme Court formed JIT for Panama that included officers of MI and ISI myself and many others raised our voice that this is inappropriate and will politicize a state institution. In my private messages to PML N and PPP leadership, I informed them that this is bad precedence and will undermine democracy. But top leaders of PPP were celebrating and even created a slogan Muk Gaya Tera show Nawaz – go Nawaz – go Nawaz. Now the same Bilawal thinks ISI has been politicized. Too late for that.
  • Aik Zardari Saab Pay Bhari eroded the hard-earned democratic gains when he decided to become the key engineer of overthrowing an elected government in Baluchistan and select an inexperienced chairman senate to appease the third umpire. He was desperate to be relevant. Politics was not the only reason for that and new information is emerging why that step was taken. At that time also I pleaded with PPP top leadership that it is a wrong political step and will haunt everyone involved. That single act paved the way for selection of the next ladla PM and complete control of politics by the military.

These are just a few examples from a large number of wrong political decisions. PPP was the founder of the first republic of Pakistan and ironically they have contributed significantly in its failure. They were fully supported in this venture by PML N, Imran Khan, judiciary, bureaucracy, and military.

I am sorry if I sound sarcastic and angry but the issue I have with our politicians ( military generals are worst) that they don’t think about the consequences of their political decisions on the nation and even their own parties. They opt for short term gains and long term losses. The combined effect of all these mistakes is that the current republic has failed and the mess is so great that it cannot be fixed anymore and a new second republic has to be built. We need to start work on creating the second republic which is for the people and by the people. Every day that passes without working on this singular objective is a wasted day.
Thanks & regards

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

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