Imran Khan conversation with anchors

There was a time when I had better relations with Imran Khan. At that time whenever I sent him a message that he should be careful about what he says and weight his words carefully before uttering it. In almost all those instances he would respond don’t worry. I always wondered what does don’t worry mean but eventually realize that whatever he says is intentional and not a slip of a tongue. But as expectations grew that he may gain power, his apologist would come forward and protect him by suggesting his shocking statements were unintentional and he did not mean what he said. But this was all pretense because the reality is that Imran Khan meant everything he said and he said it to stoke populism. Whether it was getting office for TTP or telling his supporters to attack PTV or use Hundi/refuse tax payment to damage the government he opposed. After his sitting with anchors once again the apologist of Imran Khan are active to suggest he did not mean the shocking statements he made. He meant everything he said.

Imran Khan has confirmed the four things I have said about this government. :

1. I was the first politician to announce that we are now reliving the era of Shaukat Aziz. Imran Khan verified this claim by declaring that military is aligned with his manifesto. It was not a slip of the tongue as he repeated this statement multiple times. Not just that all kind of symbolism and statements are out there to suggest military is the true ruler and democratic government is just a puppet. The third umpire has to keep in mind that every mistake this government makes is having a black spot on them for promoting an incapable ladla. I am glad that many other opinion makers now agree that we are back to Shaukat Aziz era.

2. I have said this government is leaderless. Imran Khan confirmed this by saying that he was not informed about SBP decision to devalue rupee against the dollar as well as the findings of the JIT report on Azam Swati. But that is not it. I call this government leaderless because Imran Khan does not understand how government functions. I believe Asad Umar did inform him about the impending devaluation. That is probably the reason Asad is angry. But then Asad also lacks a spine to come forward and confirm that he did inform the PM and will gladly be the fall guy.

3. I have said this government is spineless. Imran Khan confirmed this to be true because when he was asked about Azam Swati he flatly refused to act against a corrupt and elite member who is a habitual liar. He wants SC to punish while he refuses to act which is what he promised the nation. It has now also come to light that Imran Khan pushed out the NAB prosecutor who worked on Zulfi Bukhari case.

4. I have said this government is directionless. One minister says no IMF while the other says yes to IMF. One says mobs will be punished while the other signs deal with them. They want to be called Democrats while promoting rule by ordinance thereby undermining parliament which is an integral pillar of democratic order. Economy, social order, and foreign policy all are in disarray.

Bottom line as time passes everyone will agree that this government is neither democratic nor has a free and fair mandate of people. It is another crazy experiment in the long list of experiments that this nation has been subjected to for the last 70 years. People are powerless while the elite are still busy playing a game of thrones.

Thanks & regards

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

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