PM Imran Khan press conference & anatomy of a u-turn

Before I talk about Press Conference of PM Imran Khan on Sunday I want to appreciate that Finance Minister Asad Umar took a U-turn to reintroduce the condition of being a tax filer to buy property and expensive cars in the mini-budget. But while talking to a talk show host he innocently said that it is not a U-turn but an amendment. Let me inform the Finance Minister that when an advice is ignored and a decision is taken in defiance of it then reversing that decision to comply with an earlier advice is a U-turn. PM Imran Khan and his team eventually act on our advice but after first denying it and earning the nickname u-turn government. I hope in the future they can avoid this embarrassment by incorporating our advice to their policies.

PM Imran Khan seems to be uncomfortable as a government and still acts as the leader of the opposition. He lives in a world where everyone is corrupt except his own team. He always protects corrupt that are gathered around him while he claims to be fighting corruption without bias. Not a single person was ever punished that was pointed to him by party members to be engaged in corrupt practices. My advice to them is that their truck ki baati narrative of bringing stolen asset from abroad will not fool the people. If they were serious to stop corruption there are lots of assets in the country to seize from politicians, judges, generals, bureaucrats, and oligarchs.

He also forgets that Metros in almost all countries are run in a loss because they are meant to provide affordable transportation to middle class. The savings in imported fuel is one argument in favor of running metros. If metros are so bad then why Imran Khan has allowed it to be developed in Peshawar and why has he failed to question almost 250% rise in its cost and it is not even finished yet.

PM Imran Khan has also offered dharna container and other resources to the opposition to organize a street protest against his government. He thinks only he has the capability to gather people and he does not care how it affects the economy and the poor people. He forgets that true democratic opposition is done in the parliament which he has never respected. But he wants the opposition to hold dharna so that he can have a scapegoat to hide the failure of his government as they have no clue how to run it.

PM Imran Khan and his celebrity entourage cabinet are also promoting a narrative that they cant affect any reforms in 40 days and they should be given more time. They want people to forget that he had 22 years to prepare for this moment and five years in KP to develop policies. Bottom line is that it is an incapable team that formed the government through a pre and poll day rigging and full support from the third umpire. The third umpire even wants to provide support to them in by-elections as well.

Thanks & regards

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

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