Pakistanis Think This Person Is Definitely Joking About Finding A Creepy Leg In Their Qulfi

Stuff like gulab jaman, barfi, falooda and most of all, qulfi are things you can’t take lightly in this part of the world. Well someone actually did the unthinkable. May the person responsible for this crime against humanity get what’s coming to them.

A picture of a qulfi with a leg of a lizard-like creature protruding out of it was recently circulated on social media

First of all, before we move on to anything else, is this even a qulfi. I mean what kind of a qulfi is pink in color? This is either a corporate “ice lolly” or this was a disaster from the start.

Anyway that aside, the frog-like creature appears to have been cryogenically frozen in the qulfi. Lets just hope the creature didn’t come out alive like Captain America.

Naturally, everyone was confused, to say the least after watching this abomination
Some just couldn’t believe their eyes and stressed on it being fabricated.

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